What is True Wealth?

True Wealth is elusive. Something that is both universal and deeply personal. It is simple and complex. Consistent and paradoxical. The essence of wealth, like the essence of happiness, is something better experienced than studied.

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” – Albert Camus

It is with some sense of humility that I share my views on true wealth. I know that I am yet merely aspiring in many areas. Even then, at times I have experienced a deep and revitalizing abundance in these same areas. As if briefly glimpsing the divine, I share from my experience and my hopes – seeking to understand to the same measure I impart.

If there were one image to describe my philosophy of true wealth, it would be this:


All wealth starts with your soul, with your connection to a higher power, your creator, the divine, the universe. Without this, other forms of wealth are just worldly possessions that will soon fade away. To live a truly wealthy life though, you cannot just spend time connecting with your creator – you need to interact with the world around you. Indeed, your connection with your creator is shaped and enhanced as you live life in the world. You’ll know this form of wealth when you are embraced by an abiding calm, a reassuring sense in the meaning of your life, and a contentment that your existence in this form, at this time, is at it should be.

Worldly Wealth

The temporary riches we are blessed with in our brief experience of this existence. Neither to be shunned nor worshiped, we are faced with the opportunity to balance the abundances offered to us.


Spirit is your passion, the exuberant love of life – the force within you that moves you into action. You’ll know this form of wealth when you look forward to each new day, when most of the tasks you do energize you, rather than sap your strength.


Body is your health, your physical wellness. So much of our experience in the world is impacted by how much energy we physically have available. You’ll know this form of wealth when you feel fit, strong and healthy.


Mind is the sharpening of your talents, skills and abilities. It’s been said that if you’re not growing, you’re dying. You’ll know this form of wealth when you are constantly learning and experiencing new things.


Kinship is your relationship with other people. It’s a close bond that you experience with another human being and the feeling of being part of a community. You’ll know this form of wealth when you love and receive love from someone else.


Money is your financial abundance. In part it’s your assets minus your liabilities, your cash flow, and your ability to create new streams of income . You’ll know this form of wealth when you can give generously to others out of an abundance that provides you the ability to live the lifestyle you desire.

Balancing Worldly Wealth

I find it impractical to value one form of worldly wealth over another. Is health more important than your relationships? Or is it more important to live each day with passion? Money is often vilified, but isn’t it true that worthy causes need both time and money? And the lack of money can bring strife to even the strongest relationship.

After much contemplation I realize that all forms of wealth are intimately connected. They can feed each other, or feed on each other.

My deepest desire for you is that you experience an abundance in all forms of wealth. That through your life, your imagining of abundance grows. And that you look with compassion on others whose wealth journey is different from yours.

May you live an overflowing life.

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